Which Gas used in Refrigerator?

Various types of gas used in the refrigerator.

The refrigerator is one of the most used electrical home equipment in houses worldwide, there are several types of fridges available in the market at the moment.

Mini fridges, French door fridges, single door fridges, double door fridges, walk-in fridges, pantry fridges and wine coolers are all available in the market.

The working of the fridge is quite easy.

Working of the Refrigerator:

Within the expansion valve, the refrigerant enters the evaporator coil which then absorbs warmth from the meals within the fridge.

The gaseous state refrigerant is transferred to the compressor, where it is compressed into high-pressure sizzling gas then enters the condenser coil.

The condenser releases the outside warmth into the atmosphere and the refrigerant gas is transformed into a liquid form because it depends on the expansion valve.

Which gas used in refrigerator:

The refrigerant gas is crucial in the whole process and operation of the refrigerator.

Refrigerants have been used in fridges because it has been launched into the market as there has been no change within the primary functioning of fridges within the last hundred years.

Since past few years, there has been a wide range of gases that have been used as coolants and refrigerant.

Earlier Gas used in Refrigerator:

Refrigerants have been used within the earliest forms of fridges as the fundamental principle of the working of the fridge requires a coolant liquid that converts into gases within the fridges.

When the fridge was invented, many inventors were researching and using a variety of coolants that they felt were perfect for the machine.

Ether, sulphur dioxide, ammonia, and methyl chloride have been used in the past however due to their toxicity, these gasses are not used in modern fridges.

In older fridges typically gasses or refrigerants like methyl formate, chloromethane, and dichloromethane have been also used however these gasses have also been phased out and are not used within the latest fridges.

which gas used in refrigerator

Gasses Stopped to Protect the Environment:

Chlorofluorocarbons have been connected to the depletion of the ozone layer and within the 1990s as part of the Kyoto Protocol, the nations have determined to phase out refrigerants which have substances that are harmful to the atmosphere.

Several types of refrigerants have been gradually phased out in various nations to fix the ozone layer and prevent climate change.

The most effective fridge in any nation in the world at present does not have harmful chemical refrigerants.

Phased Out of Gas Used in Refrigerator:

Different generations of refrigerants have been slowly phased out in the world.

This contains chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) which have been the primary to be phased in and out the 1990s and most developing nations phased this gas out by 2010 from refrigerators.

There is a gradual phase-out of hydro-chlorofluorocarbons and they are going to be phased out within the next decade.

Another type of refrigerant is the hydrofluorocarbons that are regularly being decreased or phased out as they are part of the listing of fridge gasses or coolants which should be fully eliminated for stopping climate change.

Climate change and ozone depletion are certainly harmful and these gases are not currently being used in modern bridges.

Different gas used in Refrigerator:

Many different types of refrigerators are used in the fridge.

The use of specific refrigerants is dependent upon a number of varieties.

Frequent refrigerants I see in my day by day work embody.

R-22 Chlorofluorocarbons:

This gas is frequent in older fridges, however, was ozone-depleting and thus phased out.

It is not seen in any modern fridge.

R-134A Tetrafluoroethane:

This gas can at present be seen within the fridge.

Although this gas is ozone friendly, it is a highly effective greenhouse gas thus will likely be depleted quickly.

However, it is a popular choice for the present situation.

R-438A Freon:

This gas is used in refrigerator as an alternative for R22 gas as it is non-ozone deficient.

It is the trending gases used in fridges and it is found in many repaired fridges.

R-600A Iso Butane:

It is flammable gas usually used in small trendy fridges.

There is plenty of research that has taken place in this discipline and modern fridges are power environment friendly, use cleaner refrigerant gasses and are safer than those used in the past.


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The modern gas used in the refrigerator is HFC-134a (1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane), which doesn’t degrade the ozone layer instead of Freon.

An R-134a is becoming very uncommon in Europe.

Now I’d like to hear from you, which refrigerator was new to you or maybe I missed something. Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below.

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