What is Inverter Refrigerator?

Although a fridge with inverter compressor refrigerator technology could also be more expensive, it can prevent a lot of money in the long term.

The inverter technology in fridges improves the issues of its predecessor and has better effectively.

The concept of this inverter compressor is like a car accelerator, if the compressor requires more energy, it will consume more power.

But, when he will not need that much energy, he will keep the energy consumption at a low level.

The inverter compressor never stops instead, it adjusts its power based on inside and outside temperatures.

Additionally, it also uses thermostat settings, it adjusts speed and power accordingly.

This technique was developed by Toshiba in Japan, it is now present in various devices worldwide.

How does the Inverter Compressor refrigerator work?

The frequencies of the incoming voltage input control the speed of the inverter compressor.

Initially, the circuit of the inverter regulator converts the AC electric supply to DC.

Later, DC changes back to AC with the ability to vary its frequencies.

The inverter provides variable frequencies of voltage to the compressor which permits the compressor to operate at totally different speeds.

The compressor can speed up to the highest power only when the cooling load is high.

As a result, it saves 50% more energy than a regular compressor.

what is inverter refrigerator

How can it help in saving electricity?

An inverter compressor is exceptionally efficient, it controls itself with cooling loads but also knows how to adjust to different conditions.

For example, when you open the refrigerator to put in items or take them out, you can leave the door open for an extended period.

The compressor will feel the temperature change and start working at high speed.

It also takes into account the weather for the loss of cold air without wasting electricity on overcooling.

In summer, when the temperature is high with the load of the fridge, the compressor will run at full speed.

Conversely, low power consumption will be required in the winter because the compressor can detect and slow the temperature outside.

Even during nights, when there is no activity, the compressor moves slowly.

For example, such compressors can save up to 30% of your electricity bill, if not more.

Benefits of using an Inverter Refrigerator:

In addition to the general power savings, you also get other benefits that enhance convenience.

1) Better Temperature Control:

Cooling is precise due to the smart mechanism of the inverter technology in the refrigerator.

The speed of the compressor varies according to the food load, external temperature, it also identifies the thermostat settings whether the door is open or closed.

2) Low Noise and Vibrations:

Typical fridges make a loud noise because the compressor usually runs at high speeds.

An inverter compressor starts at a low velocity, it always transitions between speeds simply, decreasing noise.

3) Longer Life Span:

As the compressor does not start at full speed or stops shortly, there is very little wear and tear.

Each transition is smooth and does not demand high power so the compressor will last longer.

4) High power factor:

Standard compressor motors have low power factors whereas inverter compressors provide higher power.

Additionally, there is penalty on low power factors and commercial use are exempt.

An inverter refrigerator has a power factor of 1 unit, reduction and power consumption is also less.

Standard Compressor vs. Inverter Compressor:

Standard compressorInverter compressor
It makes a lot of noise when it works.Transition easily to different states, produces less noise.
Sudden closure due to wear and tear.Starts slow and slow to prevent damage.
Always operates at full power, before turning off and even after turning on.Adjusts power based on condition, reducing unnecessary power consumption.
May lead to overcooling.The temperature range varies to provide different cooling.
High energy consumption.Advanced cooling systems significantly reduce energy consumption.


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Energy saving with efficient cooling, indicates a good refrigerator.

You will recover the money in the form of upfront cost and will save more money than what you have spent.

With the appropriate balance of cooling and energy consumption, if the upfront price is not a priority, you should go for the inverter technology within the refrigerator.

Now I’d like to hear from you, which refrigerator was new to you or maybe I missed something. Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below.

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