what is convertible refrigerator?

The convertible refrigerator is used to convert and control two compartments of the refrigerator i.e. fridge and freezer.

A fridge has two sections or compartments, particularly the freezer and the fridge, however, the most commonly used section of a refrigerator is its main refrigerator section.

Even in winter, people do not use this section, so a refrigerator with a variable feature allows you to store your extra food in the freezer section by converting it to the main fridge.

It actually adjusts the temperature of the freezer to the fridge, so you can store more foods and this convertibility exists in double door and higher refrigerators.

Depending on the brand and model, there is some other permutation combination for these settings that we will see in details in this article.

This conversion is easy to activate, usually a push-button for this purpose but keep in mind that switching between two modes takes some time to adjust the device.

For example, LG takes about an hour to convert a freezer to a fridge while Samsung takes about two hours.

Types of Convertible refrigerator:

what is convertible refrigerator

3-in-1 Convertible refrigerator:

Although the identity says 3-in-1, this category of Samsung’s fridges has solely Normal Mode and Extra Fridge Mode.

These refrigerators are like other convertible refrigerators of any other brand.

LG has convertible technology referred to as Dual Fridge, however, the dual fridge does not provide the flexibility that matches Samsung’s 5-in-1 convertible.

Though the identity says 3-in-1, this varies of fridges from Samsung have Normal Mode and Extra Fridge Mode.

These fridges are like other convertible fridges from another model.

5-in-1 Convertible refrigerator:

The 5-in-1 convertible function helps to get the most out of the fridge throughout the changing part of the season or changing requirements.

This allows customers to fully customize their fridge from any of the 5 common fridge-freezer modes to the frugal house mode.

Let us see the details of each mode:

Normal Mode: This is the normal mode that has the highest compartment of the fridge used as a freezer whereas the larger bottom part for general refrigeration.

This is often the default choice out of the box.

Extra fridge mode: According to research, Indians consume far much less frozen meals than their western countries.

This is because a superb percentage of Indians are vegetarians and will not need a lot of a freezer.

Additional fridge mode allows the freedom to convert freezer compartments to normal fridges which provides additional refrigeration space.

If you are a vegetarian, who often brings more bags of wedges to the house, more can be filled inside the fridge, it will be your savior.

Seasonal mode: With this extra fridge mode you can beef up your “only refrigeration” requirement.

But many times it happens that you do not need a freezer in this case, yet both the fridge and freezer compartment will run even if the freezer is empty.

This is the energy dissipation, this problem is solved by the seasonal mode which turns off the freezer while running the fridge compartment.

Holiday mode: The fridge works 24 × 7, 365 days a year (provided there is no power cut).

This means that they are constantly consuming electricity.

There are occasions when you leave your home with your whole family for holidays, weddings or other purposes.

These trips can be a few days or a few weeks, obviously neither will you be carrying the fridge nor is anyone using it.

And your ordinary convertible refrigerator will keep freezing your power units, holiday mode resolves this predicate.

When activated, only the freezer compartment runs when closing the large refrigeration compartment.

Therefore in holidays, you can enjoy more and worry less about the refrigerator.

Home alone mode: There are times when your family members go out but you are at home due to exams, office work or some other priorities.

There is a good chance that you don’t really need a large amount of refrigerators that work at full power.

Additionally, with full power comes huge electricity bills!

In this mode you can shut the fridge compartment and transfer all of your small inventory into the highest compartment which is now transformed into a mini-refrigerator.

8-in-1 Convertible RefrigeratorS:

Normal Mode: This is the common mode for fridges and freezers and has related functions of fridges and chilling.

Also, with full power comes big electricity bills!

In this mode you can shut the fridge compartment and transfer your entire small inventory into the highest compartment which is now transformed into a mini-refrigerator.

Wedge Mode: This is an additional fridge mode equivalent to Samsung’s convertible refrigerator.

In this mode, the main fridge compartment performs regular refrigeration, but the freezer is a converter of the fridge, which means that the entire fridge is now a large fridge of chilling operation.

Home Alone Mode: This is equivalent to the seasonal mode of the Samsung Convertible Refrigerator (and there is no home alone mode!).

The fridge here works as usual, but the freezer is closed.

Freezer Mode: This is similar to Samsung’s 5-in-1 holiday mode.

The freezer compartment operates in freezing mode whereas the primary refrigeration is turned off.

Vacation mode: In this mode, the main refrigeration unit is switched off, while the freezer is switched to fridge mode saving you electricity as you move away from your home for the holidays.

Surprise Party Mode: This can be a slightly amped-up mode than Normal mode.

The fridge runs with freezer mode peak capability for fast chilling using “turbo icing technology”.

Therefore it is known as Surprise Party Mode because it permits you to cool your drinks and other chilly items in a short time before the surprise party.

Summer Mode: Many times, during summer when the heat is high, the refrigerator fails to keep up with the necessary cooling.

The summer mode comes to the rescue, this fridge component runs at its peak capacity to avoid scorching heat.

Swift Chill Mode: This is the highest refrigeration power such as making your refrigerator work on steroids.

Here both the fridge and the freezer run at maximum settings to rapidly cool food inside the fridge.


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A few of you might feel that 8-in-1 convertible refrigerator is perhaps the most effective because it has “8 modes” however the most effective convertible technology is actually simple.

Although it offers 8 modes, the conversion time is the very best while switching.

Moreover, the primary benefit of convertible technology is converting the freezer to a fridge which is usually helpful for people who eat meat and ice cream much.

Turning on and off the individual freezer and fridge component is beneficial from an energy savings standpoint.

Now I’d like to hear from you, which refrigerator was new to you or maybe I missed something. Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below.

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