how much electricity does a refrigerator use per month in India?

Refrigerator electricity bill will depend on many factors such as the size of a refrigerator, star rating of the refrigerator, temperature setting on the refrigerator.

It also depends on the amount of food that has to be cooled from room temperature to freezing temperature inside the freezer or fridge, the room temperature in which the fridge is kept.

Also, the number of times the fridge door opens and closes because each time the fridge door is opened and closed the cold air inside the fridge moves out and is replaced by warm air, how much fridge is filled because a full fridge has less quantity of air exchange than an empty fridge, etc.

If you want to know how much electricity is used in your fridge in a month, then you will need to buy a portable power meter and properly monitor fridge power usage.

The monthly electricity bill for the fridge will be lower if you follow the tips below to reduce power usage by the fridge.

how much electricity does a refrigerator use per month in india
how much electricity does a refrigerator use per month in india

Tips to save electricity in refrigerator:

These are the refrigerator tips to reduce energy consumption and to make the fridge last longer.

1.Better Ventilation behind the Fridge:

The compressor and condenser coils of the fridge are normally within the back or it could be at the bottom of the fridge.

These components are heated, and if there may be not sufficient air circulation to chill these parts, the compressor has to work harder and consume extra electricity in the refrigerator.

So to reduce the electricity consumption of the fridge, ensure that that there is a minimum 4-inch or 10-centimetre gap or clearance behind the fridge.

2.Keeping the condenser coils of the fridge clean:

Dust and cobwebs (spider webs) on the condenser coil behind the fridge reduce heat transfer effectivity and enhance energy consumption.

Due to this fact, to reduce the ability consumption by the fridge, clean the back of the fridge at least once every 4 months.

Some fridges might have condenser coils under the fridge, their cleaning will be executed with a vacuum cleaner or with an air blower.

3.Never put hot food in the Fridge:

Whenever a food item is kept in the fridge, it has to be cooled down and this requires electricity, to reduce heat load, make sure that the food kept in the refrigerator is as cold as possible.

Never keep hot things in the fridge, hot ingredients should be allowed to cool to room temperature before placing in the fridge.

4.Set fridge thermostat temperature at manufacturer recommended setting:

The colder thermostat temperature of a fridge is set, the more the refrigerator has to work to reach that lower temperature.

The thermostat dial of a refrigerator has a manufacturer recommended marking to show the ideal thermostat setting, try not to set the thermostat below it.

5.Avoid opening the Fridge door too many instances:

Every time the fridge door is opened, it is losing some coolness from inside the fridge so the compressor must work to compensate for this loss of chilly from the fridge.

In addition, every time a fridge door is opened, the outside air becomes moist in the fridge and it cools in the fridge.

The more times the door is opened or, the longer it is kept open, the higher the electricity in the refrigerator will be consumed.

5.Buy the right size refrigerator:

A larger capacity fridge means higher monthly electricity bills.

A larger fridge with a higher star rating may consume less power than the next smaller refrigerator with a lower star rating.

You can choose a power-saving refrigerator model in search of a 5 star fridge or 4 star fridge.

Most choose a fridge by measuring the available space for the fridge and buy the largest fridge that will fit that space and their budget.

This is a good way to select a fridge, but you should also consider how many people are in the house.


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If there is a sudden increase in the electricity bill, the fridge becomes the main reason for the increase in electricity bill.

Many people are not sure how much electricity a refrigerator uses per month in India nor the cost of electricity for the refrigerator.

Now I’d like to hear from you, which refrigerator was new to you or maybe I missed something. Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below.

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