Direct Cool and Frost Free Refrigerator

Before buying a refrigerator, you should know that there are two types of refrigerators that are direct cool and frost free refrigerator.

A refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in every household, as these appliances keep our foods fresh for a long time.

However, selecting the best refrigerator in 2021 will requires a lot of research if you want to get the best value for your money.

It can be very difficult to choose any one among them, especially if you do not understand their differences.

To make your work easier, we have explained how each of them works, how they differ and this article will make your work easier when you make a choice to buy.

Difference Between Direct Cool vs Frost Free Refrigerator

What is frost free refrigerator?

These fridges as compare to direct cool freezers doesn’t use ice or frost.

Instead, they use electric fans that additionally provide air circulation inside the freezer, the cooling coil is often hidden in these gadgets and electrical fans assist to provide cool air in the compartments.

This cooling technology is known as convention or indirect cooling.

Since they do not have ice, this means they are very easy to maintain as you do not need to clean them often.

Advantages of frost free refrigerators:

  1. These freezers maintain your meals fresh longer than a direct cooling refrigerator, which implies they are the most effective.
  2. They are also adequate for medium to large families as they have a capacity between 50-650 liters.
  3. Another advantage is that they come with a thermostat which helps monitor their temperature.
  4. They are very easy for maintenance, as they use electrical fans for cooling.

Disadvantages of frost-free refrigerators:

  1. As compared to direct cool freezers, frost-free fridges are costlier.
  2. They consume lots of electrical energy.

What is the direct cool refrigerator?

Unlike frost-free refrigerators that use electrical fans that transmit air effectively without exterior fan.

This means that you can’t control the temperature distribution.

In consequence, there is a collection of frost across the freezer box and you will have to defrost this ice by pressing a button.

Advantages of direct cool refrigerators:

  1. They are very efficient in maintaining your meals fresh.
  2. They’re suitable for small households of two to three members.
  3. In terms of maintenance, they are economical to maintain as they do not consume very high power.
  4. Unlike frost-free fridges, the exterior elements of a direct cool freezer will not be exposed to heat which will cause damage.
  5. These fridges are cheaper than frost-free fridges which makes them ideal for those who have tight budgets.

Disadvantages of direct cool refrigerators:

  1. These refrigerators have manual defrosting is often required to clean them.
  2. They are also not sufficient for large families.

Difference between Direct Cool VS Frost Free Refrigerator:

Direct Cool RefrigeratorFrost Free Refrigerator
Cold air circulation occurs due to natural convection.Electric fans are responsible for cooling the interior.
It is a cheap technique for cooling.As compared, it is a costly technique.
Consumes much less electricity.The presence of fans needs extra power consumption.
The single door is offered with this technology.The double-door, triple-door and side-by-door refrigerators are offered with this technology.
Refrigerator capacity is restricted to between 50 and 250 liters.This technology in the refrigerator of high capacity refrigerators.
The food remains moderately fresh.This technique is best for keeping food fresh.
Manual defrosting is necessary to remove the accumulation of ice.Defrosting is an automated process.
The exterior of the fridge is not heated.The exterior of the fridge is heated.
The coil are exposed at the back, causing dust to accumulate.There is no such possibility in a frost-free refrigerator because it is completely covered.
Ideal for large families.Ideal for small families.
Mostly used in industries.Mostly used in Residential houses.

Which is best direct cool vs frost free refrigerator:

If you are wondering whether to choose a direct cool fridge or a frost-free fridge, we hope that you are now aware of how they differ.

When it comes to quality and reliability, frost-free fridges are one of the best, as they are extra spacious than direct cool fridges.

As a result, they are more expensive because they also include additional features, however direct cool fridges are best for small households because of the compact design.

They are also cheaper to maintain than frost-free fridges as a result of they do not consume too much power and need to clear them usually.


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