Best Stabilizer for Refrigerator

In Indian homes where voltage fluctuations and power surge are a major problem, the best way to protect your home appliances is to use a good quality stabilizer for refrigerator.

While some refrigerators come with built-in stabilizers, they do not give 100% assurance of safety during a power outage.

If the power in your home is subject to constant fluctuations and increases in voltage, it can cause component damage and internal short circuits in your fridge.

So, it will be better to invest in a voltage stabilizer specifically for your fridge.

To help you, we have provided with the best stabilizer for refrigerator in India.

Top 3 Best Stabilizer for Refrigerator:

V-Guard VG 400 Voltage Stabilizer:

Intelligent Time Delay System (ITDS):

ITDS technology ensures a correct safety web to your AC’s compressor, the stabilizer shall be switched off instantly if it is within the off position for greater than 3 minutes.

If the power provide fails and resumes within 3 minutes, there shall be a time delay relying on the period of power failure.

If the ability failure lasts for greater than 3 minutes, the stabilizer shall be turned on mechanically upon the inflow of energy.

Led indicator:

This voltage stabilizer has a user-friendly LED status indicator to show the input and output displays.

The input LED will glow when the machine is powered on and the output LED will turn on the mode of operation at a glance.

Advanced IC Technology Design:

Even a small voltage fluctuation can damage the sensitive components of your expensive gadgets such as their PCBs, display panels, etc.

The advanced IC-based design circuitry within the V-Guard VG400 stabilizer improves the input voltage higher than standard circuitry, making certain an extra dependable output voltage.

Built-in thermal overload protection:

Extreme current consumption may cause overheating of your gadget as a result of component damage or inside short circuits in circuitry or PCBs or wiring.

The thermal sensor performs within the V-Guard VG 400 volt stabilizer can realize extreme current consumption and disconnect the ability load, stopping your gadgets from burning outside.

Elegantly designed cupboard with wall mounting feature:

The V-Guard VG400 is available in a smooth cabinet with wall mounting options so you don’t have to worry about discovering additional space to install it.

Its beautiful look will add to the aesthetics of your AC as well as the interior of the wall.

  • Inbuilt good quality.
  • Easy to install.
  • The stabilizer makes a loud switching sound when the power goes out or comes again, the sound will certainly wake you up.

Microtek EM4160+ Automatic Voltage Stabilizer for AC up to 1.5 ton (160V-285V):

Low and high cut:

This voltage stabilizer effectively cuts excessive or low voltages from reaching connected gadgets to make sure secure and safe functioning.

Silver Caked Relay:

This voltage stabilizer uses the silver coated relay feature so that it can be executed effectively over a wide input range.

This provides optimum voltage so that the connected device can operate safely.

Intelli Auto Start:

Intelli Auto-Start function permits the voltage stabilizer to automatically step-up or step-down the output voltage according to the input.

In this way, you will not constantly worry about burning your equipment.

Digital display:

You’ll be able to easily see the levels of real-time input and output voltages, due to the smart seven-segment digital display of this voltage stabilizer.

Full of energy:

This voltage stabilizer uses power-saving technology to provide energy-efficient performance even during power cuts.

  • Effective cost.
  • Works easily.
  • It is easy to use and lightweight.
  • Lightning falls quickly.

V-Guard VGSD 50 Smart Refrigerator Stabilizer with Digital Display:

Elegant Cabinet:

This stabilizer has a glossy design that helps you easily install it without consuming much space.

Wide Voltage Range:

It is designed to operate in a voltage range of 130 V to 290 V, this ensures reliable and stable performance even during voltage fluctuations.

Intelligent time delay system:

If it is switch-off for more than 3 minutes, this technique automatically switches on the stabilizer.

In the event of a power failure, this stabilizer ensures a time delay based on the duration of the power outage.

And, if the power cut takes more than 3 minutes to restart, the stabilizer will automatically turn on as soon as the power starts.

Built-in thermal overload protection:

This stabilizer comes with a thermal sensor function that detects excessive current consumption and disconnects the power load to prevent your equipment from any possible short circuits or damage.

  • The product is good with a single digital LED.
  • The quality of the plastic is good.
  • The wire is short.
  • Screws to mount the product on the provided wall.

Buying Guide- Best Stabilizer for Refrigerator:

Voltage fluctuation:

Ideally, the input voltage in your house electrical circuit is within the range of 220 to 230V AC (alternating current).

For instance, you’ve the incandescent bulbs within the some homes, these bulbs even after the introduction of the LCD and LED bulbs and tubes.

Have you ever seen them dim, the place where you will be able to see the filament clearly without straining your eyes, this is the result of low voltage.

Similarly, you additionally see extreme brightness on account of excessive voltage, the rise and dropping of input voltage at standard 230V is called voltage fluctuation.

Reasons for voltage fluctuations:

There are a lot of causes for voltage fluctuations, one of the main reasons is the input supply fluctuations from the primary grid.

Poor wiring or insufficient ear thing can also cause voltage fluctuations, short circuits are also a reason for the voltage fluctuations.

They can also occur if you immediately switch to the high-power devices such as AC units, electric motors, pumps, etc.

Overloading can also cause voltage fluctuations.

Can Voltage fluctuations harm your appliances?

Typically, all home circuits have circuit breakers, so if there is any voltage fluctuation beyond acceptable limits, a circuit trip that protects your equipment from damage.

Technically speaking, a sudden switch off will not cause damage to your equipment, however, the voltage may increase during the restoration of the current supply, this surge can damage your electronic equipment.

In the absence of a circuit breaker, devices that use low voltage motors for compressors may be damaged.

The Solution:

The solution is to install a voltage stabilizer and make sure that the power provides in your electrical equipment corresponding to AC, TV, fridge, and washing machine passes via the voltage stabilizer.

Role of voltage stabilizer:

A voltage stabilizer is a tool that stabilizes the voltage.

In other words, it brings the voltage to the fascinating limit throughout any fluctuation.

If the input voltage exceeds the allowable limit, the stabilizer reduces the output voltage.

On the other hand, if the input voltage is low, it increases the output voltage, voltage stabilizers use electronic regulators that use blow changers with autotransformers.

Thus, the voltage stabilizer acts as a protection mechanism between your devices and utilities, monitoring constant fluctuations and maintaining the output voltage in a hassle-free range.

How to choose stabilizer for refrigerator:

The sizing of the stabilizer depends upon the load you connect to it.

Note the power consumption in all the devices you intend to connect with the voltage stabilizer.

The sum of the power consumption of the person components provides you with the load on the stabilizer in watts.

The dimensions of the stabilizers are available in volt-ampere (VA) or kilo volt-ampere (KVA); 1 kVA = 1000 VA.

You have your power consumption load in watts, convert this figure to VA.

As a rule of thumb, you’ll be able to add 20% to the watt value to get an approximate VA size, so, your proposed consumption is 1000 watts, then it is best to go for a voltage stabilizer with a capability of 1200 VA or 1.2 kVA.

Things to look while buying voltage stabilizer for refrigerator:

1. Verify the input voltage vary in your house; sometimes, it is 230V AC in India.

Check the range of voltage stabilizer; if you go for a stabilizer within the vary 150V to 250V, it signifies that if the input voltage goes below 150V or above 250V, the stabilizer will flip off the current.

If the input voltage is in this range, the stabilizer will stabilize the input voltage and set it to 230V AC, the specified output voltage range.

2. Make certain your voltage stabilizer has surge safety or spike guards.

There could also be a surge of input current throughout current restoration or throughout lightning strikes and short circuits.

In such circumstances, the surge protection feature turns off the current supply for the connected supply and ensures that it does not cause any damage.

3. Indicators display voltage supply to regulate the power of the refrigerator.

Salient features of a voltage stabilizer for refrigerator:

When purchasing a voltage stabilizer you should pay attention to these main features.

High-Level Mount: It may be unsafe to ground your voltage stabilizer because it is at risk of getting wet or damaged.

Secondly, keeping it at a high level not only prevents damage, but protects you or your children from accidental electric shock.

Indicators: Modern-day voltage stabilizers come with LED indicators that display input and output voltages.

In the old days, you had galvanometer-type indicators, where you have to detect readings by looking at the movement of arrows on calibrated indicators.

Digital model: The benefit of digital stabilizers is that they adapt to totally different devices; you have to plug the devices into these stabilizers and reap the advantages.

Time delay function: Your units such as ACs and fridges have compressors, these conductors require adequate time to balance the current circulation throughout a power cut situation.

Voltage stabilizers include a time-delay function that allows a time-lapse to guard these compressors.

Overload protection: Presently voltage stabilizers are equipped with an overload safety characteristic, whereby the voltage stabilizer turns off the current provider in case of short circuit or overloading.

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Always select a correct sized voltage stabilizer for refrigerator and try to get them for individual devices instead of the entire power connection.

Leaving them on for long periods can lead to higher electricity bills.

Now I’d like to hear from you, which refrigerator was new to you or maybe I missed something. Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below.

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