Best Refrigerator under 25000

It may be difficult to find the most effective fridge below budget because of the variety of choices available, here is a list of the best refrigerator under 25000 from all the top fridge manufacturers.

A refrigerator is a household appliance that can be seen in every household, with the changing lifestyle and more purchasing options, the fridge became an essential appliance.

Although it is a common household item, many people still get confused in choosing the right fridge according to the needs of the family.

In addition, very few do research and purchase fridges that match their budget, if you are searching for a fridge in restricted finance, then I recommend you to proceed with this article.

With new technologies and new features, you can stop worrying about electricity bills, many fridges are energy efficient and consume less power.

Many brands are also providing frost-free technology instead of direct freezing technology, we have mentioned below different types of refrigerator under Rs. 25000.

In addition, we included the pros, cons of single door and double door fridges.

Top 5 Best refrigerator under 25000:

Haier 258 L three Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Fridge:

Turbo Icing Technology:

With turbo icing technology, the fridge accelerates the time required to freeze products within the freezer compartment.

This sensible function facilitates a quick freezing solution, keeping the cooling process sealed and fresh.

Stabilizer Free:

Equipped with stabilizer free operation, you’ll not need a separate stabilizer for Haier’s three-star inverter frost-free fridge.

It operates with a voltage variation of 135–290V and might successfully protect the compressor from sudden power fluctuations.

Twin Energy Savings:

The unit works with two energy-saving modes allowing you to store more and save more, it maintains a consistent and safe temperature level suitable for household requirements.

These standard levels allow you to maintain a safe storage environment to maintain the quality of your foods while reducing energy consumption.

Frost Free:

This refrigerator equipped with an automatic defrost system is a frost-free machine.

This smart cooling system helps remove frost and the formation of the manual defrosting process.

Black Glass:

This fridge has a stunning attraction with its black glass surface, this fridge doubles as a decorative piece and useful kitchen equipment.

With clean details and a finely polished surface, it creates a classy appearance that will enhance your interior space.

Multi compartments:

The refrigerator has a fresh food capacity of 210 liters and a freezer capacity of 68 liters.

The unit is divided into four sections, each compartment is of enormous depth, with an overall storage capacity of 258 liters.

Toughened Glass Shelves:

The cabinets are a sturdy structure for optimal weight support.

The transparency of glass storage boxes makes it easy and convenient to view and category your vegetables, fruits, and other foods separately.

The shelves on the door have raised edges to keep your item from falling.

Plastic interior:

The freezer has a plastic interior which supplies excessive insulation and strength to withstand swelling and conflict when exposed to moisture and temperature fluctuations.

It also provides easy cleaning facilities for better maintenance of the unit’s hygienic standard and durability.

Swift convertible:

A sensible solution for everyday comfort, Haier’s fast-convertible fridge converts your freezer right into a fridge and returns to the freezer in just 50 minutes.

5-in-1 convertible modes allow you to switch to normal, wedge, energy saving, turbo icing or retention mode.

Cool Pad:

Made of glygel, the cool pad shelf makes for an easy solution during the absence of electricity.

It maintains a cold temperature condition to protect your foods from spoilage, this helps keep them cool and frozen for about 10 hours.

Massive and stable:

The unit is a spacious dimension with a gross width x height x depth (cm) of 60.5 x 163 x 68.0, suitable for medium-large sized kitchens.

The unit is strengthened on four legs, equipped with rubber tips for safety stability and to prevent it from wavering.

Versatile unit:

Easy sliding shelves facilitate wide reach for better organization and space efficiency.

The moveable ice tray allows for customized arrangements, creating more space to accommodate other items such as bottles, cupcakes, and more.

  • Toughened glass for storing weights up to 120 kg.
  • Stabilizer Free Operation.
  • Additionally has Baby lock facility.
  • Top LED with excessive brightness and low power consumption.
  • Utility box to retailer cosmetics or medicinal products.
  • Heavier unit.

LG 260 L three Star Frost Free Double Door Fridge:

Sensible Inverter Compressor:

The LG fridge with good inverter compressor is designed to maintain vitality effectivity, freshness for a very long time and deliver low noise.

A smart solution for everyday comfort, Haier’s fast-convertible fridge converts your freezer into a fridge and returns to the freezer in simply 50 minutes.

Multi Air Flow Cooling:

Many cooling air vents distribute and circulate cold air to every corner of the fridge, ensuring proper cooling.

Smart Diagnostics:

LG’s Smart Diagnosis helps diagnose and solve any problems with your refrigerator quickly and accurately.

Auto Smart Connect:

Auto Smart Connect is a technology that helps connect your fridge to an influence inverter each time.

Moisture balance crisis:

Moist Balance Crisper incorporates a modern lattice-pattern box cover that maintains an optimum level of moisture contained in the fridge.

2L Bottle Storage:

LG refrigerators come with space to hold a 2-liter bottle in the refrigerator.

  • Inverter Compressor.
  • 10 year compressor warranty.
  • 260 liters gross volume, 237 liters usable.
  • 100–290 operating voltage since it’s an inverter compressor, there is no need to make use of a stabilizer.
  • Secure delivery no dent or scratch.
  • Haven’t seen any cons yet.

Whirlpool 245 L 2 Star Frost-Free Double-Door Fridge:

Deep freezer:

It has an option of full circular airflow that maintains ice cream fresh.

Micro Block Technology:

A unique anti-microbial additive that inhibits 99% bacterial growth, protecting vegetables and fruit fresh for longer.

Fresh Flow Air Tower:

Scientifically designed air towers and strategically placed vents that give cool and fresh air to completely different sections of the fridge provide uniform cooling for lengthy-lasting freshness.

Honeycomb Design:

The honeycomb condenses moisture evaporated from vegetable crisp meals with moisture lock-in technology to make sure balanced air and optimum freshness.

Chilling Gel:

The chilling gel stores cool air, which is released during power cuts to prevent ice melting and other materials from deteriorating.

Ice Twister:

Easily dispersed and collected snowflakes inside the collector box with easy turning action.


The freshener helps reduce oxidation to maintain the freshness of vegetables and fruits.

Active DEO:

It is integrated at the bottom of the Fresh Flow Air Tower, the effective anti-odor of Active DO keeps the refrigerator environment fresh and odor-free.

  • Sturdy and efficient.
  • Good storage capacity.
  • Best performance.
  • A good and silent refrigerator.
  • The quality and finish is good.
  • High price.

LG 260 L 2 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double- best refrigerator under 25000:

The LG fridge with sensible inverter is designed to offer you supreme efficiency, great savings and tremendous silent operation.

Multi Air Flow:

Cold air is circulated through multiple vents, ensuring uniform refrigeration to keep your food fresh at all times.

MOIST Shell N ‘FRESH Toughened Glass Cabinets:

An innovative reticulated patterned box cover for optimum moisture retention.

2l bottle storage location:

Admirable extra shelf space makes it convenient to store as much food as you want.


  • Sufficient capacity for a family of 4 members.
  • Very little / inaudible noise when it is working.
  • Worth for the money.
  • There is no storage rack on the floor.
  • The freezer does not have lights.

Godrej 225 L 3 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator:

Separate veggie drawer:

Different veggie drawers allow you to use vegetables without opening the main door of the fridge.

Anti-microbial removal gasket:

Silver ions in the gas pipe and anti-microbial resistance in the gasket keep food germs free and fresh.

2.25l Aqua Location:

The 2.25-liter bottle storage space ensures that friends can store jumbo-size juices and aerated drinks when you arrive.

Dry storage:

This section is situated under the fridge and allows you to store greens that don’t require refrigeration like onions and potatoes.

Toughened Glass Shelves:

Made with hardened glass, each shelf has the strength to hold up to 150 kg.

Large Chili Tray:

The chiller tray helps you to fit comfortably in five-litre water bottles, providing you with an ample supply of chilly water.

Duo Flow Technology:

Duo flow technology reduces cooling losses by up to 50% while maintaining optimum temperature in the fridge and its separate veggie drawer.

Largest Freezer:

Largest freezer in its segment for storing lots of ice cream and frozen food.


  • Space is sufficient for vegetables.
  • The cooling is very good and the cooling speed is moderate.
  • The freezer does not have lights.
  • Freezer doesn’t have lights.

Whirlpool 265 L 3 Star Inverter Frost- best refrigerator under 25000:

Adaptive intelligence:

Analyze data continuously to make sure optimum cooling for long-lasting freshness.

Intelligence Inverter Technology:

Superior Intelligence inverter technology effectively adopts cooling based on inside load.

This not reduces power consumption but also ensures matchless efficiency throughout power cuts.

Honey Comb Moisture Lock-in Technology:

The honeycomb condenses moisture evaporated from vegetable crisp meals with moisture lock-in technology to make sure balanced air and optimum freshness.

Auto-connect to home inverter:

Within the event of an influence outage, it automatically connects to the house inverter and thus supplies continuous cooling and maintains freshness for a very long time.


The freshener helps reduce oxidation to keep up the freshness of vegetables and fruit.

Zeolite Technology:

Prevents extreme ripening of vegetables and fruit and retains them fresh for a very long time.

Micro Block Technology:

A unique anti-microbial additive that stops 99% of microorganism from growing, retaining vegetables and fruit fresh for longer.

Fresh Flow Air Tower:

Scientifically designed air towers and strategically placed vents that give cool and fresh air to completely different sections of the fridge present uniform cooling for long lasting freshness.

  • Work with inverters.
  • Build quality is good.
  • Low noise, very little.
  • The performance was good.
  • You can operate from outside.
  • The variable is a real good feature.
  • Looks good, but has a very small width.
  • Full of energy.

Types of Best refrigerator under 25000:

We know that your refrigerator can be a direct cool refrigerator or a frost-free refrigerator.

A direct cool refrigerator is a basic refrigerator, they do not have fans to cool the compartment and in this type of fridge, one part may be colder than the others.

However they are energy efficient and available at affordable prices, they requires manual defrosting.

A frost-free fridge comes with fans to cool and circulate air inside the fridge and they do not allow ice to accumulate outside the freezer compartment.

Also, the frost-free fridge comes with auto-defrost technology.

Yet frost-free refrigerators are less energy-efficient than direct cool refrigerators however, a frost-free refrigerator can store foods longer.

Single door:

A single-door fridge includes a freezer compartment and storage space for all other items in a single compartment.

They are available at a cheaper price than double door fridges and they occupy less space.

Double door:

A double door fridge comes with two compartments, one for the freezer and other for the storage compartment.

We have two types of double door fridge, one is the top freezer fridge and the other is the freezer fridge at the bottom.

Top Freezer:

The top freezer refrigerator is a traditional fridge seen for many years.

It has a top freezer compartment and storage compartment for storing vegetables and other items.

Bottom Freezer:

A bottom freezer fridge comes with two separate compartments, the freezer compartment is on the backside of the fridge whereas the storage compartment is on the top.

The bottom freezer compartments have a drawer to open the freezer and a door to open the storage compartment.

Mini Fridge:

A mini-fridge is a refrigerator that has a capacity of less than a single-door refrigerator, most mini-fridges do not have freezer compartments.

In addition, they occupy less space and can fit in any room, many people prefer this fridge to a bedroom or TV room.

They consume less power, portable and easy to use; however, mini-fridges do not provide great features and can be used for basic needs.

Buying Guide- Best refrigerator under 25000:


Typically, refrigerators under 25000 do not come with large capacity, and their capacity range from 160 L to 300 L depending on the size of the family, select the fridge that matches your requirement.

For example, a family with two individuals may have option of this fridge that has a capacity of 180 L to 220 L provided that they need to store vegetables for a week.

However, for a family that has more than four persons, they will have to option for a fridge which has a capacity of more than 300 L.

If you want to store meat items along with storing veggies, double door fridge is finest and however a double door fridge has extra storage capability than a single door.

A larger storage capability fridge will occupy extra space than a smaller capacity fridge.


The best refrigerator under 25000 must be a warranty for the product and compressor; however, every company provides completely different guarantee terms.

Some manufacturers provide a one-year guarantee for the product and a 5-year guarantee for the compressor whereas some manufacturers provide a one-year guarantee for the product and a 10-year guarantee for the compressor.


Conventional fridge cabinets are made from metal whereas fashionable cabinets are made from exhausting glass; sliced glass cabinets are sturdy and resist heavyweight.

They should be easily removed from the fridge and placed in another slot to adjust according to the items you store.

LED lighting:

Lighting is an important factor that is considered with dim lighting or improper lighting so that you cannot see the stuff properly.

Also, if the light inside is dim, you cannot access your food properly and any items stored in the back will not be overlooked and damaged.

A bright light in the fridge increases visibility.

Temperature controller:

Each and every fridge comes with a temperature adjustment controller, when the fridge is loaded, it needs to be adjusted to a cool temperature.

Make sure that you adjust the temperature in such a way that your edibles do not deteriorate.

Auto Defrost:

Defrost melting is a technique to remove built-up ice from the fridge, fridges are made with manual defrost option and fridges with auto-defrost option.

In auto-defrost, your fridge will take the responsibility of melting the ice constructed into the freezer compartment.

The best refrigerator under 25000 is often auto-defrosted at any time when essential.

The Inverter Compressor:

The inverter compressor is completely different from the common compressor used in refrigerators.

The normal compressor works with only one speed, therefore when the fridge door is open and outside temperature is high, the compressor runs at the same speed.

With an inverter compressor, the speed of the compressor varies, it moves at a different speed in different conditions depending on the heat in the fridge.

When the outside temperature is cold, the compressor works less, similarly, when the temperature inside the fridge and outside temperature is high and the compressor works more.

Therefore, in inverter compressor, the power savings will be higher than a normal compressor fridge.


A convertible fridge provides you with additional storage space.

When you have plenty of meals to be stored, you may convert the freezer compartment into the storage compartment and vice versa.

It is not mandatory that you will use the freezer compartment at all times therefore, many branded companies offer this option with regular double door fridges.

Base stand with drawer:

You can expect this feature in some fridges priced below 25,000.

A base stand with drawers acts as a stand for your fridge and provides space to store vegetables such as onions, potatoes that are not stored inside the fridge.

A fridge with this feature provides additional storage space addition to a storage compartment.

Other Features- best refrigerator under 25000:

When your price range is limited, you cannot anticipate great exciting features.

However, you may get an auto-defrost choice with a drawer or with an inverter compressor or convertible or a fridge with a base stand.

As well as, your fridge could have glass cabinets instead of wire cabinets that can’t resist heavyweight.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Single Door Fridge:

  • They are the most energy-efficient fridge and consume less power.
  • Single door fridges occupy less space than double door fridges.
  • Most single door fridges work on direct cooling.
  • Single door fridges have less capacity, therefore you can store only a little stuff.
  • Single door fridge is economical as compared to other fridge types.
  • It cannot be used by a family whose size is 4 or 5.
  • In addition, it comes with a small freezer compartment.
  • Also, to take an item from the freezer compartment, you need to open the main door of the fridge and the compartment door, due to this process, the temperature of the entire fridge changes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Double Door Fridge:

  • Double door bridges are ideal for large families.
  • The storage capacity of the fridge is high and you can store more items than a single door fridge.
  • Two separate compartments for freezer as well as storage compartment.
  • Each double-door fridge is frost-free and you don’t need extra work to clean the build-up ice.
  • In addition, these fridges come with large shelves and mainly hardened glass shelves instead of wire shelves.
  • Double door fridges are more expensive than single door fridges.
  • They are not efficient compared to single door fridges because capacity and size lead to higher power consumption.

Comparison between under refrigerator under 25000 and above 25000:

A basic refrigerator can always be obtained for under Rs.25000, yet they will not have many features.

However, if you are looking for more features, the price of any fridge that is above 25000 will have good features.

Fridge under 25000:

You can expect your fridge to be manual defrost or frost-free.

Under this budget, you can have multiple fridges with a manual defrost system, a basic locking facility is provided.

In addition, very few fridges have a double door with separate freezer compartment whereas with single door facility you will have lots of fridges.

In addition, you can expect the base stand drawer feature, inverter compressor, and convertible feature.

Fridge above 25000:

While this budget comes with several options.

You can expect the Smart Connect feature that helps modify the temperature of the fridge using the app.

Water and ice dispenser helps to keep cold water or ice cubes without opening the fridge.

Also, knocking and watching is an interesting feature that helps to see objects before opening the door.

The LED panel is a feature that helps control temperature settings from outside, however there are more characteristics that include more complications.

Also, if you want a fridge that produces a low electricity bill, it is best to buy an energy-efficient fridge.

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If you have reached this part of the article, then you are looking for a best refrigerator under 25000 based on the features.

We have chosen LG Single Door Fridge as our best pick, in case you are more concerned in regards to the look, then go for Samsung door fridge.

If your family members have a habit of not closing the fridge door properly, I suggest that the Samsung Door Alarm fridge, although it is left to the user to purchase the fridge based on the requirement.

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