best car refrigerator in India

Are you looking for a new best car refrigerator for your car in India, you are in the right place.

Everyone wants convenience everywhere, even in our cars and there is no vital convenience that can be greater than having a refrigerator in your car.

This great utility is not present in the car, but with some gadgets by your car technician, you can get it.

When you travel or move round with your car, car fridges are innovated with the simple objective of make low temperatures of the products.

The principle behind working is similar to the refrigerator with only a few changes in design and body structure, the car refrigerator is a smaller sized refrigerator.

Now you have already decided to buy the best car refrigerator in India, you will get various car refrigerator in the market.

So to trim your time and help you make the right choice, this guide we have included some useful information.

Top 3 Best Car Refrigerator in India:

Cooluli 6 Can AC/DC Portable Thermoelectric System Mini Fridge:

Switch from heating to cooling:

The thermoelectric system allows easy switching from beverage coolers to food warmers.

AC / DC and USB adapters included:

Cooluli coolers and warmers include AC and DC power adapters.

The Indoor 110V (AC) car cigarette is easy for car use by plugging the device into the 12V (DC) adapter.

Sleek, durable design:

With lightweight, strong polypropylene (PP) plastic design and magnetic self-locking door with included DC adapter cooler / heated portable.

The top handle makes the tool even more comfortable.

Thermoelectric Cooling System:

Thermoelectric coolers and meals heaters work by transferring heat from one side of the device to a other side with electrical energy.

It is recommended to attend 30 minutes earlier than going from cold to warm.

The cooler and hotter are 100% secure and freeze free as a result of thermoelectric cooling works without refrigerant.

The cooler and hotter are additionally environmentally friendly!

  • The fridge may be very transportable and simple to hold around.
  • Perfect for storing skincare products.
  • Users have appreciated their efficiency.
  • It makes some noise.

Coleman 3000002458 Polypropylene Ice Box, 113.5 L (White):

No more drinks:

This silent box is supplied with built-in cup holders moulded into the lid.

This particular function will maintain your chilly drink in a place without worry of being knocked out.

Superior lead and base insulation:

The Coleman inflexible cool box is insulated with polyurethane insulation (PU).

PU is a very dense and excellent insulator, which fills the base of the ice box and the entire inner cavity of the lid, allowing no air to escape and therefore improving its insulating efficiency.

Adequate storage capacity:

The 120 QT Extreme Ice Box is large enough to hold 204 cans and long enough to hold several 2-liter bottles vertical.

With this big cool box, you will be able to transport full meals to a large group of people.

  • Ice snow for 3 days is not a problem at 32 ° C weather.
  • Perfect size for transporting hot or cold, large or heavy goods.
  • The handle feels strong.
  • Due to its ability, it can be really heavy when fully loaded.

Roadpro 7 Liter 12V Cooler/Warmer with Cup Holders:

It is made with sturdy materials that ensure longevity, it is cooler and hotter, facilitating a simple and fast installation.

Features: Built to hold beverage cans and cups made from strong materials, durability and longevity ensure ergonomically designed to fit inside the vehicle.

  • The button is a little too tight for the child to open.
  • Plenty of space for drinks, lunch and even a snack and some dinner.
  • Plastic is not so durable.
  • Its compartment is very small.

How do portable Car Refrigerators Work?

As stated, a portable car refrigerator is small in size used to keep drinks, food and other consumables at a shallow temperature to avoid spoiling under ambient temperature in the car.

The complexity of these devices ranges from simple ice chests to more complex thermoelectric refrigerators and compressors.

These are the three types of fridges, which will be discussed in detail, the function of these types of refrigerators depend on insulation.

A fridge is a closed section with edges insulated, thereby reducing the rate at which heat is emitted.

When the fridge is turned off, the temperature is exposed to very sluggish movements with consumable products in the refrigerator kept cool with little energy exhaustion.

Types of Best Car Refrigerator in India:

Ice chests:

In such a fridge, when heat leaks it melts the ice.

The fridge will remain in its freezing temperature till sufficient heat leaks to soften the ice, presently in some instances it might take hours or even days.

The same cooling process applied by traditional household refrigerators and air-conditioners is used for compressor-powered refrigerators.

It is the most efficient portable refrigerator.

Compressor powered refrigerator:

This form of refrigerator has a pump called a compressor pump and its purpose to pump a fluid called refrigerant called a condenser through a delicate valve and low pressure is called cell.

When the refrigerant is pressed into it, the temperature rises, excess heat leaking into the atmosphere from the compressor.

When refrigerant flows in a low pressure evaporator, the refrigerant temperature decreases.

The evaporator is located inside the refrigerator and there is a constant flow of heat, which cools the refrigerator.

As a result of this circuit, heat is pumped out of the fridge into the atmosphere and the consumables are left in the refrigerator in its cool state.

Thermoelectric refrigerators:

This form of refrigerator uses the Peltier effect in the supply of cooling ingredients of the fridge.

When there is a speed of electric current between two different types of conductors, there is a difference in heat.

One of the Peltier coolers is heated, while the other has a relatively low temperature.

The end of the cooler is placed in the refrigerator, which cools the contents of the refrigerator, the hot end is then excluded, heat harmless radiation into the air.

Due to this fact, heavy pump units are absent in this form of refrigerator; they have relatively lower weight and more compact than compressor driven units.

However, this system of cooling requires more energy.

Seasonal Fridges:

There are different seasons and you can install fridges for the respective seasons as follows:

Summer Car Refrigerator:

It is not very tuff to install a refrigerator in your car, there are manuals that can help you do yourself.

Adding the refrigerator into the car in the summer is a good idea, especially if you are going to take extended road trips.

In this fridge, you can store many things from drinks to sandwiches, desserts; with these you can save the cost of buying yourself during the journey.

Also, with the presence of a fridge, a branch will not be required to make purchases, therefore you arrive at the destination fast.

With good food stored in the fridge, your body is well nourished even while on the journey.

Winter car refrigerator:

You can also use the car fridge in winter time.

In this season, there will be a possibility to turn on the heater of the car while you still want to enjoy cold drinks, here the refrigerator comes in handy.

You don’t have to stop at a shop to do the cold drink you want instead you will need to access your refrigerator.

You can go for winter recreation trips like skiing, sledging and tobogganing and your trip may also include visiting family and friends for the holidays.

Having a fridge in your car is a really smart move, as it gives you a lot of convenience and gives you the pleasure of consuming it under the right conditions.

Advantages of Car Refrigerator in India:

There has been a recent boom in the number of individuals using portable fridges, this is mainly with urban residents and those who travel normally.

Mini-fridges come with many advantages, in addition to the modern fridge used at home.

These mini refrigerators can be used in various places, including regular fridges that can never be used, when used in your car, have a lot of benefits to offer you, among which are;


You can transfer it to your car, place it anywhere and just enjoy its consumables cold and sweet, the 12 volt charger makes it possible to use it with any car.

You can switch it between cars or even use it in your home.

Designed to save space:

This is non regular refrigerator, you can use it in your car because it is designed to keep you more space.

You can simply place it in the trunk of your car and if your car is a large, you can simply place it somewhere near you, where it certainly won’t interfere with your seating.

Very handy:

You can take this refrigerator with you anywhere.

Imagine you going on a picnic and you need to take something cold, your car refrigerator might come in handy.

You can a store your lunch and also serve as your mini-bar.

Refrigerator back-up:

If you’re main fridge breaks down, you won’t have to be left stuck and your mini-fridge can serve as additional storage for drinks, fresh meat, and other frozen food.

If you always need to defrost your regular fridge, you can store some consumables within the automotive fridge, however this will be great if the automotive is not going out of the house anytime quickly.

Energy saving facility:

Most car refrigerators are designed to save energy, they help in storing your food without spending extra energy.

Simple Steps to Install Your Own Car Fridge:

Here are some steps that you can follow to fix your car fridge as follows:

Positioning and Measuring:

First of all, you need to decide where you want to keep the car fridge.

There should also be two points that keep the fridge intact.

You can set the length of wire you will need but the cable should be about 6 mm in diameter, this is to ensure efficiency in the performance of the fridge.

The wires can be either twin-core, which allows the battery to run on a single core runs with the ear thing behind the car.


in the battery, you need to solder an inline fuse holder to the tip of the wire you are holding, bend a suitable ring terminal then you can apply heat shrink on the joints.

You can always connect it to the battery while you work, but make sure that the fuse holder is disconnected until installation.

To ensure that your wires aren’t sharp objects and shall be destroyed, you must examine that all your wires run through a groove and secured with cable ties.

Pass the wire where your fridge shall be positioned and through the grommet within the firewall.

Under the carpet, you should kick the panels and interior trim.

Auxiliary Socket:

Next, you need to install your auxiliary socket in a panel near the socket.

A flush mount plug will make the finishing look really cool; however before drilling a hole, you should ensure that there is sufficient clearance behind the panel for both plugs and wiring.

You should pull wires through the holes you were bored.

However, if you feel the need to drive the lead of the earth, you can simply select a factory bolt with a solid base-metal connection and run the length of the black wire from the earth to its socket.

Fuse and test installation:

You can install the fuse while you are mounting your power socket, a current of about 10 amps will be sufficient for the fridge.

Buying Guide for Cheap Car Refrigerator in INdia:

When you want to buy your car refrigerator, there are some essential features that you should check, here is a quick list:

Total capacity:

If you are going to use an electric cooler in the car, it should be able to fit enough material for one person use.

This is the minimum; there are many others that can serve different capabilities, therefore, if you are going to get your car refrigerator, then you should go to meet your need.

Controllable Options:

When you are getting an automotive fridge, one of the first issues you should look at the controls.

Controls that allow you to switch from chilly to hot and vice versa, this guarantee the convenience with which you can control the fridge.

Indoor use:

Before you switch off, just don’t consider its aesthetics, you should also find out if it can be used with an indoor 12V DC adapter.

If you can always use the outside of the car, you will enjoy your car’s refrigerator more, it is better that you make sure that what you can serve you both ways.

Cooling Performance:

Before turning off the fridge, you should check how cold it can make your drinks and consumables.

You should not bank on prices that are being written on a manual or any other information provided by the manufacturer.

The information may be just to create a selling point that is not real.

Place needed:

Before buying a refrigerator of your car, check the space in the car, measure the space and use it as a guide to what you are shopping.

You should not even find a fridge that will take up all the available space in your car.

Temperature range:

You should pay attention to the temperature range of your car refrigerator and check how cold the fridge can get.

I hope you know that there is a difference between being cold and being cool.


Ease of installation should also be considered, if the installation of the fridge is much tedious, you should not get it, except if you have the technical knowledge or someone who will help you install it.


You should also examine the material used to make the fridge, check its strong nature and if it can easily be shaken and destroyed.

You do not want to have a fridge that breaks open or dries after a few days of use.


Car refrigerators with electric cooling systems are mostly silent, as stated on the label.

If you pay for the product, and it does not work well so test it before and if you are ordering online, you must read a review.


You should always check a warranty on electrical equipment.

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Car refrigerator in India handy for those who always travel with their cars, you can keep your drinks cold and hot whenever you want.

As a necessity these days, discovering the suitable car fridge is many changelings and the market is stuffed with options; hopefully, our top 3 automobile fridges will meet your needs.

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